Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rome…by all means Rome

What could be possibly better than wondering through ancient city with marvelous buildings asking for your attention in combination of enjoying pasta, parmesan, pizza, olives or ice-cream of best Italian quality? In the place where the sun is shining on your head like it did on ancient Romans, there is a perfect symbiosis of  historical scenery, fashion, passionate and tameless character that created ideal standing for such classics like Roman Holiday movie with Audrey Hepburn (that we adore). Another thing that we love about Italians is the fact that they have great taste & style, you can also actually see this season trends on the streets.

Audrey in green Zara dress with blue leather belt, silver classic accessorize and gray wedge shoes


Pearl by Fontana di Trevi

Pearl wearing elegant gray jacket, pompadour purse, rock glamour big rings and necklace

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